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The Warren County YMCA Fee Assistance Program is made possible by financial support received from the United Way of Warren County and donations received through the annual YMCA Kids Need Heroes Campaign. Consistent with the goals and objectives of the Warren County YMCA, membership or program services will be made available to all persons, regardless of their ability to pay. Waiver or reduction of fees is available subject to facility and program capacity and demonstrated need, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or physical or mental handicap. The YMCA will seek to serve deserving persons who accept YMCA goals, rules and policies, and who will make good use of the YMCA programs and facilities. The YMCA is not staffed to provide professional counseling and must reserve the right to not accept referrals or applications that require this special help.

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To qualify for a scholarship, we need proof given to us for at least ONE of the following located down below with an (*). Adjusted Gross Income (Tax Form 1040), Unemployment Compensations, Social Security Compensations, Retirement
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